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You're a magic human. Sensitive, artistic, and with a bright purpose. Whether you want to step fully into your big work in the world, connect with your higher self and soul's plan, or simply feel better, you're in the right place. I'm so happy you're here.




Storyteller, channeler, spirit weaver, energy healer. giraffe herder. Bridge between worlds. Tinder for your brilliant spark.

I'm an empath and eighth generation sensitive with a well-honed connection to the divine. Tapping into that ultimate wellspring of love, guidance, and creative genius is how I write my books, feel better, and channel wisdom and healing for myself and others. I work with powerful, sensitive, creative women to help them fly. 

Because sharing our joys and hurts and stories is more important than ever, I talk a lot about feelings and being a magical human in this era of great change. Follow along here and read some of my favorite stories

Welcome. I'm so happy you're here. 


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